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I want to be a “Cool Cat Teacher!!”

on April 24, 2013

After going through lists of the Top 100 Edu Tweeters100 Professors you Should Follow and Learn from Twitter, and Top Rated Educational Resources to Follow on Twitter, one particular woman caught my eye. Her name is Vicki Davis but she goes by @coolcatteacher on Twitter. She is from Camilla, Georgia.  According to her bio on her Twitter page she is the “Best teacher blog winter, co-founder of @flatclassroom, author of the book, “Flattening Classrooms,” a pioneer and a Mom.”

The reason why this woman’s Twitter sparked interest in my eyes was her uncanny ability to reply to anyone and everyone that contacted her on this Social Media site. I’m sure there are some tweets that go unanswered, but from what I can see, she takes the time out of her busy schedule to answer questions, make comments, and make her followers feel like friends. She tweets about topics ranging from “the health of your hard drive,” to “Fresh Fruit Salad for Mother’s Day,” to “Daily Education and Technology News for Schools.” She provides amazing resources to her followers. These resources are also included in her blog, called, “Cool Cat Teacher Blog.” This is a blog where the ideas for her Tweets come to life and are able to be expanded on.

When analyzing the list of followers that Vicki Davis has, as well as the list of which she follows, I felt like my future educational career was all coming into focus. To date, Vicki Davis has 51,93 Followers, and is following 6,702 people. The term “learning community” has been said so many times in the last 2 years of my college experience, and I have to say that Twitter is its own learning community, especially when you have as many followers as Davis does. Many of her followers are teachers, or active members in the field of education. It is important to know that there are many different types of teachers following Davis. She Tweets about various different school subjects, leaving no teachers behind in the availably of resources. Along with the huge numbers of teachers, hundreds of her followers are parents who are extremely involved in the education of their children. I think her list of followers says a lot about the type of person that she is. There are people following her from all over the world. There are even people who do not speak English. This speaks worlds of the type of person Vicki Davis is, as well as what she is Tweeting about. People enjoy the things she has to say, they look forward to reading the things she is blogging about and the new ideas she has to share. She is not just someone they follow to get their numbers up. She is someone to follow because she has a lot to say, and all of it is important.

Although I may not know Vicki Davis on a personal level, I feel included in her “conversational” Tweets about various things. She does an amazing job in involving all her followers in her Tweets and really makes you feel like you are all sitting down to a cup of coffee together. Just because I do not know Davis on a personal level does not mean that she is not an inspiration. I hope that one day, as an educator and as a mother, I can make as much of an impact on a learning community that she has.



4 responses to “I want to be a “Cool Cat Teacher!!”

  1. hochul49 says:

    I have the same problem that you have with procrastination. I thought that I would be getting so much more done than I am, due to lack of Facebook. Instead, I just check other Social Media sites 10x more than I usually do. However, I don’t seem to miss Facebook as much as you do. Within about 2 days of not using it, I got used to the idea that I didn’t have to be constantly connected with people through a social media site. I feel like I started to communicate with people more when it was face to face, which was actually liberating. I’m sure as soon as 6 o’clock hits on Thursday, I will log back in and be instantly consumed in the news that I have missed in the past week. However, I feel good knowing that I will be okay without it if there comes a time when Facebook is not the popular thing to do.

  2. Jill,
    Today is my birthday. I needed this so much. I’m quite literally sniffing back tears as I write this note to you. I feel called to encourage teachers/ parents and even my own students. That is who I want to be and your post is so incredibly kind – it moves me in a way that is hard to explain because as my friend Angela Maiers says “focus on your to be list before you hit your to do list.” I so want people to feel important. Sometimes I think Twitter doesn’t really give me all of the tweets people reply and I miss things but it just is what it is.

    I just want to tell you thank you for taking the time to be kind to me. I’d love to sit down to a cup of coffee sometime or a Google Hangout and get to know you more. I just appreciate that you’d take the time to write this.



  3. OOps – now I realized there are 3 of you and I’m not sure who wrote this. Thank you, though, so much.

  4. msigado25 says:

    I really enjoy Vicki Davis’s Twitter as well because she always has helpful ideas and advice that I could use in my classroom as a future teacher. I agree that she does a great job of involving followers, and it shows the type of person she is. I love that she takes time to respond to the people who tweet her. She wants to help others, whether it be by involving parents or motivating teachers or giving new ideas. I think that her twitter epitomizes the learning community because she has created a community within Twitter where all of her followers can share ideas and help one another to create a better educational world for children. After looking at her twitter I hope to use some of her ideas one day. I also hope that I can be as inspirational as her.

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