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Take a course on Social Media Etiquette!

on April 28, 2013

In previous posts I have discussed the ways in which people can learn the correct etiquette of the various social media sites. Usually I would say that learning the etiquette of these social media sites comes from trial and error. You post something, get yelled at or rude comments made towards you, and then you don’t post things like that again. However, now you don’t even have to succumb to these rude comments and fights through messages. You can take a course on the right kind of etiquette for the particular social media site you are using! How cool is that? HootSuite is an online source for the world of Social Media Culture. They say,” HootSuite is a social media management system or businesses and organizations to collaboratively execute campaigns across multiple social networks from one secure, web-based dashboard.” The social media management system includes integrations from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Flickr, and Tumblr. Before users are able to use these features, they must take a course on “The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Etiquette.”  It is a 22 minute video

course on social media etiquette and how to properly post on the various sites that HootSuite endorses. I believe this is a very important thing for people to learn, especially business partners and colleagues. The etiquette of face-to-face communication is a lot different than the etiquette used when on a social media site. It is important for people in a business to be able to communicate effectively, especially on collaborative projects. “The Industry Standard for Social Media Education,” which includes HootSuite Training, Social Media Courseware, Lecture Series, HootSuite Certification, and a Professionals Directory can be purchased for $30.99 a month. If this price is outside of your budget, especially if you do not know if HootSuite is the right partner for you, they provide users with a 30-day free trial! Sign up is easy, and they state that it will only take 60 seconds! Talk about fast and free!

Let’s meet the CEO of HootSuite, shall we? Ryan Holmes is the CEO. He also labels himself as a though leader, dog lover and serial entrepreneur. He has brought “Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks out of the dorm room and into the boardroom.” HootSuite is a global leader in social media. They have 6 million users, and are partners with 79 out of the Fortune 100 companies. Even more amazingly, Holmes was a college drop-out who started a paintball company and a pizza restaurant before starting on the HootSuite adventure with Invoke Media, a company he founded in 2009. Along with Ryan Holmes, there are various other team members that do a great job with their respective roles in making the company succeed.

Tired of learning the etiquette of social media the hard way? Well you don’t have to anymore, thanks to Ryan Holmes and HootSuite. Check it out and maybe you will find the end of nasty comments on your status updates or decreasing numbers of followers on Twitter.


One response to “Take a course on Social Media Etiquette!

  1. horner03 says:

    I never heard of this website before and I think it’s very interesting and genius to have a company based on this. Why not? Social media has become such a part of our lives and some people need to learn a thing or two about “netiquette” when commenting, posting or responding to online conversations. They think that they can say whatever they want because they are hiding behind a computer, but what they don’t realize, is that, that comment never really goes away. It’s permanently out there in the internet world for anyone to find. I thought $30 was a bit steep for an online course on etiquette because I don’t see a teenager as a typical consumer of this product.School’s would probably be a better target to sell this program to.

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College Students' Views on Etiquette Online

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