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For this assignment, I was required to blog about an educator I decided to follow on Twitter. While to some this may seem easy, I found myself very overwhelmed by the entire process. The mass amount of people on Twitter led to massive amount of people who called themselves educators. Weeding out the good profiles form the bad profiles took a while, but ultimately I found some very inspiring and interesting educators to follow on Twitter.

The one educator I have chosen to discuss is Joan Young and her twitter name is @flourishingkids  and quite honestly you should really consider following her. What I learned from Joan Young’s Twitter page is that she is an elementary teacher and an academic coach. I found this very interesting because I am not even sure what an academic coach is. Immediately I was interested so I decided to dig further, and I was very pleased with everything I read. Joan Young describes herself as “having a passion for building efficacy in kids.” She is also the author of “25 Super Sight Word Songs & Mini-Books” which was published by Scholastic. She also has a blog, , which she runs daily along with keeping up with  her Twitter account. Joan Young has 8,451 followers but in the past few days I have been following her that number grows quickly.

What I found most inspiring about her was her dedication to all different fields in Education. Along with all of the above mentioned accomplishments, she is well versed in using technology to benefit her classroom and students. All of these aspects make her a great educational role model and a great resource to follow on Twitter. Twitter provides the easy access to her interests, ideas, views, and blog. Most of her followers consist of other educators, administrators, people in the educational technology field, and there appeared to be some aspiring students like myself! She tweets about different types of technology she used or liked, educational issues, or just about her personal experience in the classroom which leads to many discussions from other educators and professionals in the field from all over the country ( and sometimes even the world!) Many of the people Joan Young follows are also credible resources for educational topics and when I started to skim through them I found many more people who I would like to follow because of how inspiring they are!

There are a few main reasons why I found Joan Young so inspiring. First, she teaches the age group I would like to and provides clear examples of how she uses technology every day in her classroom. I hope to one day be able to do this as well as many of the people I have now followed on Twitter, so what better way to learn than from a source who is clearly successful! Second, I admire how she has branched off into all different fields of educations, from writing blogs to writing published books! This is also something I aspire to do, so I feel like she would be a good person to talk to about these ideas and dreams of mine. Finally, she just seems very cool, personable, and down to earth.

twitter-for-educationOverall, I really enjoyed the experience of going and finding educators on Twitter. This had made me realize what a good information, networking, and advertising tool Twitter can be. I look forward to being able to participate in the education twitter dsicussion/debates once I have a classroom of my own!

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All About Maggie Cary


So, this week on Twitter I found a woman named Maggie Cary.  I found out through her biography that she is a teacher, writer, and mom.  She writes about education, parenting, and has written a book for elementary school children called “The Secrets of the Crystal Cavern.”  I am currently studying teaching and writing arts in college, so I decided to take a more in depth look at her follower list as well as who she is following to see what else I could find.  I found out that she has been teaching for over 20 years and shares her experiences and knowledge on a blog called “Classroom Talks.”  Someone can instantly access this blog because she has a link to it right on her Twitter profile.

maggie cary

After finding out a little more about who she is I went and checked out her followers.  Her 23,396 consist of educators of all grades, Twitter accounts with resources for teaching or parents, and even some students who are looking to have a career as an educator.   I also noticed a lot of authors and writers that followed her.  From this list of followers, I can tell that educators, parents, and other authors trust her opinion.  She has been teaching over 20 years, which in my opinion, makes her a valid source in educational topics.  I could see why she has the followers she has because they directly relate to her interests that she lists in her biography.  The people who follow her also may look to her for ideas and advice.

After checking out her blog on Classroom Talks, I think that it is a great source for future teachers.  It gives helpful information on everything from helping children to make friends to how to help a struggling learner to advice on using social media.  With such varied topics and the ease of getting to the blog right from Twitter, her followers are opened up to another world of helpful sources and posts.  I can see why her followers, which are mainly educators or future educators and writers, would want to connect with her because she gives helpful advice and ideas related directly to those fields.

Maggie Cary not only has the followers, but she is following 11,551 people.  The people she follows are mainly other teachers, writers, bloggers, or resources for teachers.  This makes sense because these directly correlate to her interests.  This shows how dedicated she is to the field she is studying, and is still looking to learn new things and connect and collaborate with others about new ideas.

I admire how she still wants to learn and work with others because I want to be a teacher who is willing to collaborate others to share ideas to be the best I can be.  I think that the best teachers are those who are willing to listen, collaborate, and share new ideas to better themselves and others, which seems to be exactly what Maggie Cary does.  Maggie Cary takes the time to share ideas, and let others share ideas, through her Twitter and blog.  She seems dedicated to her fields of teaching and writing and wants to share her knowledge and experience with others.  I hope that one day I can be as dedicated and knowledgeable as her about teaching.  You can check her out at @maggiecary!






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779 Hideously Lucky Individuals

Book cover, American Gods

Book cover, American Gods (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors. In general, his works are fantasy and incredibly witty. But if Lord of the Rings isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry, his work is very modern and would better be described as urban fantasy, which is probably the best sub-genre out there (in my humble opinion). I’ve laughed out loud many times while reading his novels. He’s best known for American Gods, or at least it seems that way because that’s the book everybody recommends. And if you haven’t read it, I highly suggest you do. It is definitely in my top 5, which you should know is a very selective list. And if you know the movie Stardust, well, it was based off his short book with the same title. He is also responsible for The Sandman comic series which I haven’t personally read but it seems pretty amazing.

I follow Neil Gaiman both on twitter and on tumblr. Really, his books are only part of the reason I love him so much. Seeing him on social networking sites, I’ve watched him give invaluable advice to aspiring writers like myself, as well as talk about his personal life, like his relationship with his wife, Amanda Palmer (they’re very adorable). And even beyond that, there was his recent, inspirational graduation speech. If you haven’t heard it, I highly recommend taking the time to listen to it. It blew me away when I did. I’m not ashamed to admit that it made me cry—more than that, it was the main thing that pushed me to continue down the path of becoming a writer. See, when you tell people you’re a writing major, mostly they just ask “What for?” It’s worse when I say I want to write books. I’m usually met with: “Okay, but what do you want to do?” Okay, I would think, I can’t be a novelist; it’s not realistic. What else is there for me? Quite frankly, there’s nothing I really want, and as I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, this has been a great source of anxiety for me. But when I listened to Gaiman’s speech, it really hit me. Yes, writing is exactly what I want to do. I have to “make good art.” Nothing else will do.

Surprisingly, the actual point of this blog post is actually not to gush about how wonderful Neil Gaiman is. I’m actually supposed to be analyzing who he follows on Twitter, so let me do just that.

Gaiman follows 779 people as I write this. It’s nothing compared to the almost two million people following him, but it’s still a lot more than a lot of other famous people follow. Like many of us, a lot of the people he follows have that blue check mark of authenticity, although a greater amount do not. Much of the list consists of writers, actors, artists, and musicians, although mostly they seem to be writers of various kinds. Of the writers, most specify that they are fantasy/sci-fi authors. Very few of the bios I scrolled past did not make any claims at being an artist, and most of those had silly phrases like “A comedian from the 90s. Capable of almost 12 facial expressions though I rarely use more than 4 of them.” Honestly, I don’t think I’ve scrolled farther than two names without seeing another artist. There are a few fans sprinkled in, such as the girl with this bio: ”

  • I just love reading, that’s a fact… Oscar Wilde, Jane Austen and Neil Gaiman are my favs…”

I can only imagine how she screamed when she saw him on her followers.

Gaiman’s “following” list suggests, very obviously, that he is very committed to the arts. This makes sense, seeing as how he is an artist himself. Yet, it would be very easy to isolate himself, but he doesn’t. The people he follows, as well as his tweets and tumblr posts, show that Gaiman participates with the writer community all around him. He seems to value this community, and he contributes to it while also showcasing the contributions of others. It is the embodiment of the writer as a social creature, and idea I’ve written about previously in this Intro to Writing Arts course. Also it shows that he cares about his wife, who he follows and retweets very often. Did I mention that they’re adorable?

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I want to be a “Cool Cat Teacher!!”

After going through lists of the Top 100 Edu Tweeters100 Professors you Should Follow and Learn from Twitter, and Top Rated Educational Resources to Follow on Twitter, one particular woman caught my eye. Her name is Vicki Davis but she goes by @coolcatteacher on Twitter. She is from Camilla, Georgia.  According to her bio on her Twitter page she is the “Best teacher blog winter, co-founder of @flatclassroom, author of the book, “Flattening Classrooms,” a pioneer and a Mom.”

The reason why this woman’s Twitter sparked interest in my eyes was her uncanny ability to reply to anyone and everyone that contacted her on this Social Media site. I’m sure there are some tweets that go unanswered, but from what I can see, she takes the time out of her busy schedule to answer questions, make comments, and make her followers feel like friends. She tweets about topics ranging from “the health of your hard drive,” to “Fresh Fruit Salad for Mother’s Day,” to “Daily Education and Technology News for Schools.” She provides amazing resources to her followers. These resources are also included in her blog, called, “Cool Cat Teacher Blog.” This is a blog where the ideas for her Tweets come to life and are able to be expanded on.

When analyzing the list of followers that Vicki Davis has, as well as the list of which she follows, I felt like my future educational career was all coming into focus. To date, Vicki Davis has 51,93 Followers, and is following 6,702 people. The term “learning community” has been said so many times in the last 2 years of my college experience, and I have to say that Twitter is its own learning community, especially when you have as many followers as Davis does. Many of her followers are teachers, or active members in the field of education. It is important to know that there are many different types of teachers following Davis. She Tweets about various different school subjects, leaving no teachers behind in the availably of resources. Along with the huge numbers of teachers, hundreds of her followers are parents who are extremely involved in the education of their children. I think her list of followers says a lot about the type of person that she is. There are people following her from all over the world. There are even people who do not speak English. This speaks worlds of the type of person Vicki Davis is, as well as what she is Tweeting about. People enjoy the things she has to say, they look forward to reading the things she is blogging about and the new ideas she has to share. She is not just someone they follow to get their numbers up. She is someone to follow because she has a lot to say, and all of it is important.

Although I may not know Vicki Davis on a personal level, I feel included in her “conversational” Tweets about various things. She does an amazing job in involving all her followers in her Tweets and really makes you feel like you are all sitting down to a cup of coffee together. Just because I do not know Davis on a personal level does not mean that she is not an inspiration. I hope that one day, as an educator and as a mother, I can make as much of an impact on a learning community that she has.



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