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Facebook Fast

It has been almost exactly one week since I agreed to not use my Facebook, and I have to say the results have been interesting. When Ifacebook-addict first learned that this was part of my class assignments I was very annoyed- I will not lie. I was even more annoyed that I had to give up Facebook and make a Twitter because I chose for a very long time not to use Twitter. After this week, I have realized that my Facebook addiction was more serious than I thought, but I think if I made the effort I could eventually give it up for good.

I never really thought of myself as a Facebook addict. I do not post multiple statuses in a day or comment on every single person’s pictures. In actuality, I might post one status a month and change my profile picture every couple of months I must admit I judge the people who are constantly showing up on my newsfeed, but this week made me realize I could be just as addicted as they are. Although I may not constantly post like other Facebook users, I am on Facebook enough to see all of their posts. This was a real eye-opener for me. The first few days of my Facebook fast were surprisingly difficult. I found myself immediately going to the app first thing in the morning or opening up a tab as soon as I turned on my computer. I did catch myself, but I couldn’t believe looking at Facebook was such a natural reflex!

facebook-Are-you-a-Facebook-addict-Test-and-find-outAs I tried to figure out why I wanted to go on Facebook so much, other changes in my time spent using my phone and computer happened. Since I could not check Facebook, I have been checking my Instagram way more often. The problem with this is that I do not follow a lot of people on Instagram, so I had to turn to other places for entertainment during my free time. I relied on Pinterest to fill the rest of the void that had been created in my life, but it still was not enough! Facebook had become more than just a filler in my life- it filled EVERY SECOND OF MY FREE TIME!

I will not lie; this realization made me feel like crap. But once I started talking to fellow classmates and my friends about how disappointed I was in my addiction to Facebook, I realized that I use Facebook for a lot more than just reading statuses. Yes, reading those statuses provide entertainment, but if you asked me a minute after I read my newsfeed what those people said I would not be able to tell you. I have come to realize that I rely on Facebook so much because it allows me to connect with the people who are not right infront of my quickly and easily. I am an avid Facebook creeper, but throughout this week when someone was mentioned and I forgot about them or did not know what they looked like, I could not look them up and I found that very frustrating. I also use Facebook to quickly message my friends from home and my family who I do not get to see every day. I could text these people, but I used Facebook to talk to everyone at once while I was also doing other things or I found out something going on in their lives through Facebook and that was why I wanted to talk to them in the first place. Without this tool for socialization, I felt a big void in my life especially during my free time.

Although I am happy to get Facebook back, these last couple of days have been easier. I do not find myself going to check as much or wasting as much time on other websites trying to fill the void. While I will not say losing Facebook has made me more productive, I do think I spent my free time doing better things. I also began to like the feeling of not having my face in my phone; it was very refreshing. I feel that if I do decide to give up Facebook for good one day I will be able to do it, but for now I think I might take week long fasts more often.



I am very excited to share my new netiquette knowledge with my fellow Facebook friends

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My Week Without Facebook

So, I have gone this week without using Facebook.  It was to see what it was like to not use a site that so many of us so use so often.  For me, I felt fine without using my Facebook because I am not on it as much.  I barely post statuses or pictures.  I mainly use my Facebook to see if I have any messages from clubs I am a part of at Rowan or to just see what people are up to by scrolling through my newsfeed.  For me, it is a boredom buster or a way to procrastinate on doing my work or something I check before I go to bed.  My friends and I use texting and Twitter more to chat, so I don’t expect to see many messages from them.  I didn’t let them know that I was going to be gone from Facebook, either, and surprisingly enough not one of them has said anything.  I also did not deactivate my account, so my profile is still up. There is just no one behind the profile for a week controlling what it says or does.  I don’t post much on Facebook to begin with, so people probably just assumed it was a typical week, but for those that post a lot I could see where friends or family would wonder why they haven’t posted in a while.  It is crazy to think that there is just a profile out there with no one controlling it.  While I really didn’t mind the week without Facebook, I will say that I am curious about what’s happening.  I just want to log on and see what’s happening, which is quite easy to do, but then that would ruin the whole experiment.

You are probably thinking that I am crazy when I say that going on Facebook really didn’t affect me that much this week.  It’s true though.  While I am curious about what is going on, I have learned there are others ways to find out information or keep in touch with people.  Without Facebook, I have been using Twitter a lot more.  After this week of exploring Twitter more, I think that it is a powerful social media site that can connect individuals and allow for easier networking than Facebook.  In an instant you can follow someone on Twitter, instead of having to request to be someone’s friend.  This allows you to begin to compile followers] from around the world.  Your followers can be friends, colleagues, or people in your professional field.  I think that the last one is important because the more that you network with individuals in your field, the more you can learn and network with them.  I have started to search for people that are teachers or in the teaching profession to see what types of things they post.  They post tips, quotes, or advice about ideas for the classroom or ways to stay motivated.  This shows that teachers can collaborate in ways that go beyond their school, and extend around the world.

While Facebook does have the ability to connect people around the world, Twitter seems to allow us to do it with more ease.  Followers can be easier to compile, and it is easier to find people in your professional field.  I guess that this week without Facebook has shown me the advantages to another social networking site.  Facebook took a back seat, and I was able to see what it was like without it and think about why we use it so much.  Facebook may be addiction for many, or maybe it is simply just something to pass the time or to procrastinate.  Whatever your use for Facebook is:  Would you ever think about taking a week away from it?  Would you let people know?  Would you deactivate the account completely?  Would it make you use another social networking site more?  You could see what would happen, and possibly learn a lot about yourself, such as, the extent to which Facebook is a part of your life, and the power of different types of social media.

This video shows the extent to how much Facebook has really grown around the world and how many people use the site.


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What the Hell is “netiquette”?

Apparently I just broke one of the many “netiquette” rules by using hell in the title. For those of you out there who don’t know the word netiquette ( much like myself until five minutes ago), “netiquette” is a fancy word for how to act properly on the internet, for example: do not use hell in a title because you may offend some people. According to, “netiquette” is:

1.The social code of network communication.

2. The social and moral code of the internet based on the human condition and Golden Rule of Netiquette.

3. A philosophy of effective internet communication that utilizes common conventions and norms as a guide for rules and standards.


Now, at first glance this seems like a great idea! Everyone using the same rules and regulations for how to act properly on the internet! YEAH RIGHT! While I do believe there is an unwritten social code for how to properly act on the internet, I am fully aware that it is not followed by everyone. Somedays it even feels like no one follows it when I take a glance at my Facebook page. I am not trying to hate on the idea of netiquette- do not get me wrong. I truly think that everyone could use a little netiquette. I would go as far to say that I think this is one of the things that should be taught to all students because some of the generally agreed upon rules are useful, like: do not spam, be yourself, use discretion, etc. Acting properly on the internet is very similar to acting properly in person and quite frankly I think all people could use a little lesson in both.

But that is where the problem begins! People already act improperly every day face to face, so naturally this only worsens once they get behind a screen. I see two major problems with the idea of netiquette. 1. There is no agreed upon set of rules, standards and conditions. This causes the issue of what do you follow and what rules should you ignore. 2. There is no way to police the breaking of proper “netiquette”, which truly is a shame because some people should have their interent licenses revoked!

I am sure I will be discussing this topic further, but these are just some of my initial thoughts. I suppose it works the same as everything else you try to teach people- give them the tools and hope they actually use them. Everyone could use a little netiquette, not only for their own safety but the safety of others they run into on this crazy world wide web.

As for myself, I could use a few netiquette lessons and definitely know some people that should have to take full blown courses. This is including my grandma who clearly did not get the memo of Not All Caps.


35 likes later…

Me commenting back on facebook wall post: Gee nan, thanks.

I am sure you have all had some of these similar experiences, so feel free to forward this link of helpful netiquette tips. And do not be ashamed to share it on your facebook wall, I know I did!

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